Merry Christmas Wishes for Boss, Employees & Business

It’s Christmas 2017. And in this section, MyMerryChristmasWishes listed Beautiful Merry Christmas Wishes For Boss, Employees, Business Partner, Clients, Manager, etc. Any celebration would remain incomplete if we do not involve our boss, colleagues, co-workers and peers, seniors and other collaborators at work in our list of people to be wished on the special occasion. Here you’ll get Merry Christmas Wishes To Boss and Colleagues, Thank You Messages for Manager, Best Christmas Wishes for Employees, Business Partner, Clients & Corporate Office Relationship or Professional Relationship. Merry Christmas 2017  🙂

Special Merry Christmas Wishes To Boss, Employees and For Business Relationship

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Merry Christmas Wishes for Boss

Showing thanks to your boss for the leadership and guidance provided throughout the year is a great way to partake in the holiday festivities. So here we are providing a complete collection of Merry Christmas Quotes

for Boss, Thank You Messages to Boss, Christmas Greetings Messages for Seniors, Christmas Wishes for Manager etc.


Merry Christmas! I wish you much success in business, but also personal happiness.


Christmas is a race to see which gives out first your money or your feet.


I am happy to have a boss like you. You pushed me to the limits and I love it! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! May God always protect you. I hope you feel the spirit of the lord.


We wish a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. All your employees are proud of your company!


Before we all leave for the Christmas vacation, thank you, boss, for being an adviser and a friend.


I don’t have anything to give you but my service and loyalty. Merry Christmas!


I wish that we will continue our good relationship. Continue to guide us as we do our work! Merry Christmas!


Sir, thank you for always inspiring us to manage when times are tough, and sales are not good. Merry Christmas!


We wish you a pleasant Christmas and not only a good start, but also a good lock for the next year.Merry Christmas!


Before we all leave for the Christmas vacation, thank you, boss, for being an adviser and a friend. Merry Christmas Boss


Celebrating Christmas this office has provided me with a profound appreciation for hard work and dedication. Merry Christmas


Thank you for the pleasant cooperation this year.We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..


Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation – next year you have to faith new challenges. Merry Christmas for you and your family.


Celebrating Christmas this office has provided me with a profound appreciation for hard work and dedication.


Thank you for guiding us through obstacles and determination; we’re sure in the new year many more goals we’ll all be making’!


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being a great boss and a great source of inspiration and motivation.


Thank you for the pleasant cooperation this year. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


What makes this season special than sharing your happiness to others. Spread the joy and be a gift. Merry Christmas.


I pray to Lord to bless you with joy and laughter on this Christmas Eve. Wishing you a cheerful Christmas Eve dear boss.


Dear Boss, Wishing you a joyful and cheerful Christmas Eve. May God bless you with good health and success in your life.


Thank you for the pleasant cooperation this year.We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Christmas Quotes for Boss


End the days of sorrow because this is the day to receive the gift of hope and salvation. Be humble and let Christ rule your world. Merry Christmas


I would like to wish Merry Christmas to a person who has been a true mentor, motivator and a great professional. Merry Christmas sir.


Boss, all of the hard work has truly paid off this Christmas; my faith in the real meaning of the holiday has truly been restored and rejuvenated. Merry Christmas


Boss, all of the hard work has truly paid off this Christmas; my faith in the real meaning of the holiday has truly been restored and rejuvenated. Merry Christmas


Thank you for the successful year and the great cooperation in the company. We will meet again next year with a lot of new ideas and new energy. Merry Christmas


I feel lucky and proud to be working under you, dear boss. Wishing you success, happiness and prosperity on this joyful occasion of Christmas Eve.


Bosses are such important people that we have a special day for them. And I wish that Christmas every year is a special day for you. Merry Christmas


On this Christmas Eve, I want to thank you for your kind guidance. Your inspiration and leadership make you what you are today. Have a Happy Christmas Eve, Sir.


We thank you for the pleasant cooperation and hope that you will give us in the new year your confidence. Together we will master the challenges of the future! Merry Christmas


The year end brings no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you season’s greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and New Year be filled with joy. Merry Christmas


This card brings best holiday wishes for my boss on his farewell for the holidays. I wish you have lots of fun filled moments and excitement during your holidays. Have a happy holiday.


You are the best boss that I ever had during my lifetime. On this Christmas, I wish that you celebrate the best Christmas that you ever had with so much joys and shine. Merry Christmas Sir


For my dear boss, I send holiday greetings for you through this card for a superb holiday season. I wish you enjoy many fun filled moments and adventures during your holiday period. Have a happy holiday.


Being motivated to work harder and to accomplish more goals have provided me with a sense of pride as I move forward into the new year. For that, I owe you the greatest of Thanks. Merry Christmas


May the Lord shower his blessings on you this Christmas Eve. Your influence provides us with great confidence to work. May your kindness and support always be there for us. Happy Christmas Eve, Sir.


Workloads come and go. Clients come and go. Monthly business targets come and go, but Christmas comes once in a year and boss like you comes once in a lifetime. Merry Christmas to the best boss in the whole world.


On behalf of entire team of financial department, we send you this greeting card to wish you Merry Christmas in advance. May you continue to celebrate such joyful and successful Christmas Day in future. Merry Christmas respected Sir.


Christmas Wishes for Boss


Christmas is the messages
It gives us the hope and confidence
As we know God is loving and caring us
So let us merry Christmas To Bosses


There may be times
when I wasn’t able to meet deadlines or report on time.
I want you to know that I love this job so much!
Merry Christmas boss!


This is not a good year for our company but still,
you allowed us to have this Christmas party.
Thank you for sharing your blessings to us.
Merry Christmas!


You scold us whenever we did something wrong.
Suspends us when we fail to follow the rules.
I admit, I feel bad when it happens.
But when I go through it before I sleep,
I understand that you just wanted to bring out the best in us!
Happy Holidays!



Merry Christmas Wishes for Employees

Companies achieve success not only because of a person, it is a collaborative effort of all the employees. On this Christmas season make them feel that the company is their family and you will earn loyalty from all of your employees. Here you’ll get Merry Christmas Messages for Employees, Merry Christmas Wishes for Coworkers, Best Wishes for Christmas Holiday, Christmas Blessing Messages for Appreciation and many more.

Christmas Wishes for Employees


Christmas comes to life in this company because of the incredible people who work here.


I sent Santa Claus your names because you have been a really good employee. Merry Christmas!


It is party time! So log off from your PCs and log in to your party mood! Enjoy the holidays, merry Christmas!


The management is extending their happiest greetings to all our valued employees. Happy holidays!


We are wishing your Christmas to be filled with laughter and food. Merry Christmas from the management.


We wish our employees and staff a splendid holiday. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


This year is such a challenging one, we all deserve a break. Happy holidays, my awesome employees!


We wish you a festive, safe, and happy holiday. Merry Christmas, staff and employees.


Christmas is truly a miracle, and I see the effects of that miracle in each and every one of your faces every day.


Working in this office during Christmas has been wonderful because of employees like you.


Thank you for being an incredible team. During this Christmas season, my thankfulness grows even more.


We are wishing your Christmas to be filled with laughter and food. Merry Christmas from the management.


To our staff, we wish you a happy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


I’ve been reminded of a major part of the Christmas season by working here: team work and dedication to goals.


Working in this office during the Christmas season has been a pleasure due to coworkers like you.


A merry Christmas to all our workers. We wish all of you and your families the best on this night of peace and love.”


This year is such a challenging one, we all deserve a break. Happy holidays, my awesome employees!


“Hurray for Christmas because it is the season when we all are together like family. A big greeting to all our workers.”


I am so blessed to have a team like you. My work life has never been better. Happy holidays, everyone!


For our employees, we send wishes of the happiest of tidings, merriest of Christmases, and warmest of holiday seasons.


The company is extending their warm Christmas greetings to you and your family. Merry Christmas and have a blessed new year!


May your Christmas holiday be filled with cheer, warm memories, and happiness. Thank you for serving our business so well.


This season, we hope our employees and staff enjoy many blessings, a happy holiday season, and a beautiful Christmas.


Our team is so blessed having a colleague like you. Merry Christmas partner. We like your smiling attitude making deadlines fly by.


Because you are the best employees, you deserve the happiest Christmas greeting! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


The best employees deserve the best holiday celebration! Merry Christmas from the management to you and your family!


“Every Christmas is nicer than the previous one because all of you make this company a better place. Merry Christmas to all our employees.”


Merry Christmas to all our workers for your efforts and loyalty to our company. Our best wishes of success for you on this New Year.


It is that time of the year when you can throw all the stress away and enjoy! Merry Christmas to the most awesome employees in the industry!


Christmas Quotes for Employees


Our staff deserves the warmest of holiday seasons. We wish them a very merry, safe, and joyous Christmas this year. Thank you for your service.


To our staff and their families, we send thankful thoughts, happy hearts, and well-wishes. Merry Christmas. We appreciate your devoted service.


When we are all sitting around the tree with our own families, let us take a few moments to give thanks for our wonderful coworkers.


You have made our goals possible through your dedication to our company. Cheers! We are wishing you a happy Christmas. Enjoy the holiday season!


For the season of joy and thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude for our lovely staff this Christmas. May you all have a hearty, festive holiday season


Your courage in the present brings hope for the future. May Christmas lead you to a path full of endless blessings you’re a nice and integer colleague to work with.


Merry Christmas on behalf of management. Sincere thanks for your commitment we wish you and your family a heartwarming relaxing fantastic Christmas holidays.


To all of our employees. May this Christmas season bring lots of happiness to your life and make all of your wishes come true. Wishing very Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Since it’s the time of the year we should give love and spread love, the management would like to express our thanks to everyone for performing well this year. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!


We feel proud to have such honest, hard working and concerned employee like you! We wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of our heart and may lord bless you with eternal growth.


Although we are grateful for your service and wish you well all year, we would like to extend our special wishes for a happy Christmas holiday to our devoted employees and staff.


To all the employees, I wish you all a merry Christmas and also a happy holiday season as you all make plans to celebrate Christmas in a special way by holidaying in beautiful places.


“Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and that is why we must all celebrate it next to our loved ones. The desire of our company is that you enjoy this Christmas Eve along with all your family. “


Our organization is lucky to have dedicated employees and would like to thank you for your hard work and concern. May this Christmas season bring tons of success, good health, prosperity to your life.


Wish you a merry Christmas and you celebrate the beautiful festival of Christmas with lots of joyful moments to cherish forever. Through this mail, I send best wishes for a prosperous Christmas celebration.


The management is sending you their sincerest thanks for your hard work, dedication and for continuous effort to inspire others to work better. Wishing you and your family a peaceful, relaxing and joyful holidays.


Merry Christmas to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you for your commitment and quality. May God Bless you and enable us to continue to have the support of one another during the New Year.


“Let us remember last Christmases and do everything in our power for our children to have a happy Christmas. Do not forget that in our shop you will be able to find the best gifts for this time. Happy holidays to everyone. “


We would not have achieved this year’s goals if not for your effort and determination to succeed. The management is truly grateful for all your hard work, and we are wishing you the best holidays! Merry Christmas!


“Christmas gives us back our hopes of a better world and a prosperous future for ourselves and our loved ones. On behalf of our company, we want to greet you and express you our sincerest wishes for this Christmas. “


We are glad to have compassionate and hard working employees in our organization. We wish that Lord bless you with the eternal joy, good health and shower tons of happiness on you this Christmas.


“We want to join this Christmas celebration by sending a greeting to all our customers and thanking them for always choosing us. We hope you can receive baby Jesus in your hearts and that you have a merry Christmas. “


“Christmas gives us back our hopes of a better world and a prosperous future for ourselves and our loved ones. On behalf of our company, we want to greet you and express you our sincerest wishes for this Christmas. “


“Our products have always been designed for the care of the family, so on this Christmas we want families to find great happiness by sharing the most important thing in life, love. On behalf of our company, we wish you happy holidays.”


We had a lot of challenges in our work last year and with your support and dedication, we have achieved success in all endeavors. During this holiday season I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and very prosperous New Year.


Thank you for your lovely Christmas wishes. I am extremely grateful to receive your lovely wishes for Christmas and I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and look forward to celebrate Christmas with lots of cherished moments and festivity.


“On this Christmas, let us not forget that the most important thing is to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus along with our family and that the gifts and Christmas dinner are not the core of this celebration. Let us share our love, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.”


Christmas Wishes for Employees


“May Christmas awaken the most beautiful feelings in our hearts, may generosity become a part of our daily lives and may happiness be always present alongside us and our loved ones, are the sincerest wishes of our company for this Christmas.”


Because you all have been great employees this year, the company is really grateful for your exemplary performance and dedication to work. We are wishing you a Christmas full of love and joy. Leave the stress and worry in the office for a while and enjoy the holidays!


I want you to know that I appreciate all of the efforts
you’ve done to make our company grow.
I know that you’ll do everything
because of your dedication and love for this job.
I hope to be like you!
Merry Christmas!


I sometimes feel you are acting so weird whenever you yell at us.
But I know that those actions are
just reflections of failure that you cannot accept.
Still, you manage to face all of us and come up with solutions.
You are one of a kind! Merry Christmas to you!


You go home late, but still arrive in the office early.
Eats lunch in front of your computer or while having a meeting.
You are such a busy person who has no time to waste.
I wonder how you manage to do everything in 24 hours.
Have a blessed Christmas!!
May you and your family be blessed with more happiness! Merry Christmas!



Christmas Wishes for Business Partner | Corporate Christmas Messages

These Merry Xmas messages help you express your best wishes for all those who make your business successful. So in this section we offer you a list of Merry Christmas Wishes for Business Partners and Corporate Christmas Wishes for Card Wordings and Self Employees, Christmas Wishes to Colleagues etc.

Corporate Christmas Wishes for Business


Merry Christmas to our corporate family. We wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas.


At this time of year, let me say that it has been a true blessing to work with all of you.


A company like this is what Christmas is all about.


My spirit is strengthened because I am working here during the Christmas season.


I thank God every day that I am a part of this amazing company, and I am most thankful at Christmas.


It’s been a pleasure doing business with you! See you in the new year!


We hope this Christmas will be really wonderful and the incoming New Year offers us the best of the life.


Without this company, I don’t know if my Christmas spirit would be quite the same.


“In this company we all are a big family, and so we wish a merry Christmas to all those who work with us daily.”


We hope that these holydays just give you happy moments. Merry Christmas and a prosper New Year!


From our company to yours, have the merriest of Christmases!


Our company wishes you blesses on this Christmas and happiness for the incoming New Year. Happy holydays!


We shall celebrate these holydays with happiness, faith and a commitment. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Our best wishes of peace, love and happiness for all of you and to your homes. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you. We appreciate your service to this company. May your holiday be warm, peaceful, and safe.


“In this company we love each of you in a special way, and so we want to wish you all a merry Christmas.”


On this Christmas I want to send you my best wishes and the incoming year brings us success and happy moments.


Our best wishes for a great Christmas and New Year full of blesses and satisfactions. Merry Christmas and a prosper New Year!


“Our success depends on all of you. Thank you for your preference and wish you all and your families a merry Christmas.”


We hope the happiness and the love that brings this Christmas will be just the beginning of a new year full of kindness and prosperity.


Maybe it’s hard to envision Christmas when you’re in the business setting, but just think of all the gifts you will soon be getting!


“All we do in this company is trying to give you the best service. But today we also wish you a merry Christmas. Have a good time.”


Christmas Quotes for Business Partner


“In this company we are flattered to have you. We know how important you are for us to be the best. Merry Christmas.”


Christmas is a time of year to give thanks for all of the joy in our life, and as a result, I give my utmost thanks and gratitude to you.


Even though we see each other strictly at the office, know that I will be thinking of you and yours when Christmas arrives.


May the happiness on this Christmas be with you, and the incoming year brings us love, peace and work. Happy holidays!


“A friendly Christmas greeting to all of this company’s partners. Thanks to your effort and trust in us we keep growing.”


“Christmas is inside each of us and that makes us very happy. A merry Christmas to everybody in this company.”


“We work every day to give you a great service, and on such a special day like this one we want to greet you. Merry Christmas.”


“In this company we are glad it is Christmas, because it is a season when we all are together like a big family. Merry Christmas to all of you.”


“This company would not be the same if we did not have your help and support. Thank you all for being part of us. A big hug and merry Christmas.”


We hope the faith and the union, which are our strong points, endure over the time and allow us to keep achieving our goals. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


On this Christmas, the family of… (Here goes the name of the company) wish you happiness and prosperity on your personal and professional life. Happy holydays!


Christmas is a time for rejuvenation. Let us take this time to reflect on our company and personal goals and how we can thrive even more in the new year.


Our blesses and best wishes on this Christmas and a prosper New Year. These are the honest wishes from … (here goes the name of the company)


The Christmas is a date of peace and love. For that reason, on this special date we want to express you our best wishes of success for the incoming year. Happy holydays!


May the good spirits of Christmas cover us with its happiness and fill our heart with peace. These are the honest wishes from your friends of… (here goes the name of the company)


Thanks for your worthy support, on this holydays we want to manifest you the commitment of improving year by year. Merry Christmas and a venturous new year!


We want to thank all of our customers, employees and partners that accompanied us throughout this year and express them our most sincere Christmas greetings. We wish you a merry Christmas along with all your loved ones. “


The Christmas is a date to give and receive. During this year, we have received a lot from you and we want to take a chance on this so special day to give you the respective thanks for your preference and trust. Merry Christmas and a venturous new year 2018!