Merry Christmas Wishes For Husband & Wife

Welcome to our lovely section of Merry Christmas Wishes For Husband & Christmas Wishes for Wife. We know that you want to do something special for your life partner on this Christmas. Christmas is a magical holiday season that brings with it joy, love, and heartwarming thoughts. Here we are going to present some lovely & Cute Christmas Love Wishes for Her & Him, Special Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend & Romantic Christmas Messages for Fiance & Fiancee, Free Christmas Images for Lovers & Sweetheart, So celebrate this Christmas by sending or sharing these Xmas Love Messages or you may write it on Christmas Love Greetings. Have a Lovely Christmas 2018  🙂

Romantic Merry Christmas Wishes For Husband Wife & For Someone Special

Christmas Wishes For Husband


Merry Christmas Wishes For Husband or Fiance


1) Lovely Christmas Msg for Husband

On Christmas surely
I’ll wrap my arms around you
Holding you near
Begging you to stay with me
Although my heart
Follows you everywhere


2) Cute Xmas Message for Husband

Some husbands make you happy
Some husbands make you sad
But I’m so glad that I can say
That right up to this very day
My husband
Is the best a girl can have

Merry Christmas Darling


3) Christmas Love Message for Hubby

I am so blessed to have you in my life,
Feel so blessed to be called your wife,
This Christmas will be merry more,
Coz I truly love you to the core,
Merry Christmas sweetheart!



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4) Christmas Love Sms for Husband

I am blessed to fall in your arms.
I am blessed to win your love.
Because you are the only one in the world for me.
Merry Christmas Dear Loving Husband.


5) I Love You Christmas Msg to Hubby

Holding your hands makes me feel secured.
Feeling your love makes me feel loved,
Seeing your face makes me feel blessed.
I love you and Merry Christmas!


 Xmas Wishes For Husband


6) Best Husband Christmas Message

Merry Christmas. You are the best husband.
Your love protects me day by day, and
I only want to be with you on nights like this one.
I love you. Merry Christmas Hubby!!


7) Christmas Love Wishes for Husband

Christmas is the birthday of our saviour.
The lord has given me you as my husband,
And I feel the promise of the God.
Merry Christmas to my best friend.


8) Christmas Message for Fiance

Christmas is the festival of love and sacrifice
And when it is celebrated with you it become
A wonderful occasion of blessings showered on me
Love you so much, Merry Christmas


9) Xmas Love Wishes for Him

Special wishes on this most blessed day,
May the spirit of Christmas be yours today.
My love for you is strong and true,
There’s not enough words to tell you I love you.
May this Christmas be very special for you!


10) Christmas Love Message for Husband

May blessings shower upon you,
May love follow you wherever you go.
May you know peace and content throughout your life,
I love you dearly my handsome husband. Merry Christmas!


11) Xmas Romantic Messages for Him

I feel so happy sleeping beside you.
I feel like a baby being cuddled in your strong arms.
You are my husband and forever you will be mine.
Merry Christmas!


Christmas Couple Love Image


12) I Love You Xmas Msg

Ever since that first meeting,
You’ve been moving and changing my world.
You are a real gift that I never want to take for granted.
I love you at Christmas and always.
Merry Christmas, Hubby Love!


13) Christmas Love Message for Boyfriend

Holly and Christmas sparkles,
Love and joy all around,
May Christmas be as special to you,
As the day our love was found.
Have a wonderful Christmas, Love!


14) Christmas Love Msg for Him

Christmas sparkles and holiday cheer,
Christmas time is here.
May my love be your warmth on this special day
I’m so happy that you are here.
Happy Christmas, My One and Only!


15) Christmas Love Message for Him

May the love, joy and content that you have given
Be reflected on this Christmas day.
For surely this can light up the world,
Just as your smile and eyes has lit up mine.
Have a very Merry Christmas, My Special Man.


Christmas Couple Image


16) Christmas Romantic Message for Husband

As what I’ve promised on our wedding day,
I’ll stick with you no matter what happen.
On this day, I’ll stay by your side and never leave you alone.
Merry Christmas Honey!


17) Xmas Love Wishes for Hubby

Starry skies and twinkle bright,
You are my sunshine and my light.
May you be blessed beyond belief,
I know there’s nothing you can’t achieve.
All my Love on this Christmas Day
And best wishes for a Happy New Year 2019


18) Lovely Christmas Message for Husband

This Christmas I feel so blessed,
To have you by my side.
You have brought me happiness beyond belief,
In you I can always confide.
Take this gift as a token, my love,
Of my undying devotion as your wife.
Merry Christmas, My Wonderful Husband!




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Lovely Merry Christmas Wishes For Wife or Fiancee

Xmas Wishes For Wife


1) Christmas Message for Wife

You changed my world,
You made a better life,
Everything is just great,
Because of my loving wife,
I love you so much,
Merry Christmas!


2) Christmas Wishes for Her

You have given me guidance,
You have given me support,
You have given me love,
Your guidance, support and love
Made me what I am now
Have a merry Christmas darling


3) Cute Love Message on Christmas

I am so lucky to call you mine,
With you everything is just fine,
To celebrate the spirit of Christmas,
Let’s raise a toast with wine,
To my lovely wife,
Merry Christmas!


4) Thank You Christmas Msg for Wife

You are so special to me.
My life, my light, my everything.
Thank you for being there, my wife.
Have a wonderful Christmas!



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Christmas Wishes Quotes for Husband


5) Lovely Christmas Msg for Her

For My Wife At Christmas
This message is to let you know
How much you are loved by me
And I want the World to know.



6) Christmas Wishes for Wife

As the mother of my children,
You are my one and only queen.
For all the sacrifices that you did,
I salute you. I love you and
Merry Christmas Honey!


7) Christmas Romantic Message for Wife

This feeling is original and will last forever.
This Christmas Eve we will kiss under a sky
Full with stars that will witness our love.
Merry Christmas Honey!!


8) Christmas Love Message for Wife

To the most wonderful wife,
You have completely changed my life.
My wish for you this Holiday Season,
Is for love and peace to surround you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, My Dear Wife.


Christmas Wishes For Wife


9) Xmas Wishes for Wife

Heaven has sent me an angel from above,
To brighten my days and cheer up my life.
I still don’t know what I did to deserve her,
But I’m thankful to call her my wife.
Merry Christmas, My Darling & Loving Wife.


10) Merry Christmas Special Wishes for

You are the most special woman to me
You are perfect and oh so lovely
I hope your on the good girls list
Or Christmas day there will be no gift


11) Christmas Sms for Wife 2018

Merry Christmas to My Awesome Wife .
We have such great times together and
I would not change a thing about our life together!
I love you So Much Honey!!


12) Christmas Love Wishes for Her

I wish peace, love and prosperity,
To surround this home of ours.
Your love and support means more,
Than any Christmas gift can provide.
Thank you for spending another Christmas with me, My Love.


Christmas Couple Image with Quotes


13) Christmas Love Wishes for Wife

For being the excellent wife,
I reward you with all the love that I can give,
All the time that I can spare,
And all the happiness that I can let you feel.
I love you honey!


14) Happy Christmas Love Wishes for Sweetheart

Every Christmas spent with you make me very happy.
Thank you for making me the most fortunate man on earth.
Christmas and any other day with you are beautiful.
Merry Christmas Sweetheart!!


15) Christmas Love Message for Spouse

Do you know I still believe in Santa Claus?
When I was young,I kept on wishing him
To give me the best spouse in the world.
When the right time came, he didn’t fail me.
You can into my life and we started living a life of our own.
Merry Christmas to you!


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16) Christmas Love Message for Her

Being a woman, I know how fragile you are.
I treat you with so much gentleness and compassion.
With your simplicity, I have fallen deeply in love with you.
You are my wife and forever you’ll be. Merry Christmas!