Happy New Year Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

The relationship is a very beautiful thing if happened to you with the right partner. There are sometimes when things are out of your hand and you have to part ways from your partner. Your relationship with your ex was great but at some point of time you had to part ways and that is why he is your ex now. But have you really thought what was the real point of your separation or you just made your decision to part ways because of some allegations or reasons which you never tried to look deep into? At times there are mutual separations as well and that is very beautiful in many ways like if you both were not compatible with each other and you parted your ways. If you have parted ways because of some silly reasons, then its time to rethink and talk again because it’s never too late. Send Happy New Year wishes to your Ex-Boyfriend from ex-gf to initiate the conversation in the year 2021.

Happy New Year Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Happy New Year Wishes-for Ex-Boyfriend


  • Have a wonderful New Year my former Boo. May everything work out well for you. Yes, our relationship did end, but you know you are still my favorite friend.


  • As we drifted apart, my worst fears came true. But deep down inside my heart, I still with the best for you. Happy New Year.


  • We gave up on our relationship, but let’s not give up on our friendship. Happy New Year.


  • We’ve had a quirky past but let’s face it… having each other as exes is much better than not having each other in our lives at all! Happy New Year Dear.


  • “Our love may be over, but the special affection in my heart for you will never vanish. Have a Happy New Year.”


  • “I did not want to talk to you again after we broke up, but on New Year I forget bad things and I send you a big hug. Happy New Year.”


  • “Happy New Year. Although you tore my heart to pieces I do not blame you. It is simply over.”


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New Year Quotes for Ex-Boyfriend


  • “Today is such a beautiful day that I want to be in peace with everybody. I hope you do not hate me anymore. I do not expect you to love me either, but I do honestly hope you have a Happy New Year.”


  • “At midnight I will ask heaven to take care of all my loved ones and you. Although you do not love me anymore, I still wish you a Happy New Year.”


  • “So this day is truly special, I hope your heart is glad when you read this message. Happy New Year.”


  • “On New Year I always remember good times in my life, and you are in many of them. Happy New Year.”


  • “My mind asks me to ignore you, but my heart needs to talk to you. I want you to know you left a permanent trace in my life and wish you a Happy New Year.”


  • “I know I cannot kiss you anymore, but at least accept this greeting. Happy New Year.”


Happy New Year My Ex_Lover


  • “Time has made me forget the pain of breakup, so my best wishes for you on this New Year. Have a good time.”


  • “Our love is no more, but I will never be able to forget you. On special days like this one I wish you a lot of happiness. Have a Happy New Year.”


  • “I spent a New Year with you and I loved it. Although I do not have your love anymore, I want to give you some of mine on this day to wish you a Happy New Year.”